2016-05-27 admin

Very proud and happy to announce that Tesla had joined the fight to save vaping industry as we know it and has became a member of SEVIA USA!

Follow up on our most recent post, we have identified a few associations that we believe will have a positive influence, especially in helping us combat FDA’s regulations.

Tesla is proud to announce membership in SEVIA USA (a party of VTA, Vapor Technology Association), Tesla will be joining more organizations top support our cause.

What is SEVIA USA?

On January 20th 2016 over 100 ecig manufacturers came together at a conference in Shenzhen China to commit their resources and financial support in the fight against unfair and burdensome FDA regulations. SEVIA USA was created and looking forward to assisting various advocacy and litigation groups in the US.

Mission Statement :

1) Congress SHOULD NOT regulate vapor products as tobacco products, considering these products DO NOT actually contain tobacco leaf.

2) The FDA should modify the grandfather date to allow products currently on the market in order to avoid the Pre Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) process.

3) The FDA should create a streamlined process that allows companies to submit more reasonable applications for the vapor market.

They have formed a coalition of responsible Chinese electronic cigarette manufacturers concentrating our financial efforts and resources to keep vapor products affordable, accessible and with the variety needed in order to help smokers transition to a less harmful alternative.