TESLACIGS | Create trendy products that meet the new needs of consumers

2020-09-22 admin

TESLACIGS | Create trendy products that meet the new needs of consumers

In the past two years, the e-cigarette industry has developed rapidly and has quietly occupied the mainstream market. The reason why it is popular with smokers is that compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not contain tar and many carcinogens. Because they are relatively healthy and can meet the nicotine intake needs of smokers, electronic cigarettes have gradually become a good choice for smokers to replace cigarettes.

At present, in the international market, the e-cigarette industry has developed more mature, and the performance of e-cigarette products far exceeds expectations. In 2018, the global e-cigarette consumers exceeded 35 million, and the industry scale was about 12 billion US dollars, while the domestic market e-cigarette penetration rate only accounted for 1% of the tobacco market.

Although there is a huge e-cigarette market hidden in the country, not every brand can get a share. The field of electronic cigarettes has strict requirements in both technical production and brand promotion, and it needs to rely on "true skills" to gain a foothold.

Born in Shenzhen, the “e-cigarette capital”, the well-known brand TESLACIGS has won praise from the industry after launching a series of high-quality trendy products, won a good reputation among consumers, and produced a high repurchase rate.


TESLACIGS is a brand independently launched by Shenzhen Zunyipin Technology Co., Ltd. It is committed to producing high-quality and healthy e-cigarette products. The products range from design and development to injection molding to strict quality appraisal. It has its own system to ensure that every product can be To bring consumers value-for-money enjoyment, and strive to make TESLACIGS the world's most innovative and well-known brand.

Today, the development of the electronic cigarette industry is becoming more and more hot, from the endurance of the endurance to the body design, the hardware specifications are getting higher and higher. For consumers, in today's market where homogeneous products are flooded, products must be rich in innovation and can greatly improve user experience in order to gain their favor.

TESLACIGS e-cigarettes started from the new consumer needs, analyzed the current market trends, and launched a series of trendy classic e-cigarette products in response to changing market needs.


The more famous Teslacigs box mod in the industry are characterized by their flamboyant personality, greater power, violent output, and rich smoke. They are deeply loved by experienced vapers. Take the representative Tesla punk 220W as an example, trendy punk Its styling design and 220W violent output can meet the needs of vapers for various large smoke, experience the super cool smoke brought by steam, and once became a hot product in the European and American markets.


The latest WYE II 86W has innovatively created four modes, Soft/Hard/Norm/CCW. Among them, the CCW mode allows players to adjust the output power in real time according to their own needs, whether it is a novice or an expert in atomization. You can play with this e-cigarette at will, find the steam experience that suits you best, and realize the "personal customization" of e-cigarettes.


Under the trend of miniaturization of large cigarettes and small cigarettes leading the trend, Teslacigs has developed and launched a variety of small cigarettes such as TESLACIGS GG, TESLACIGS TI and Aerolite, actively following market demand and creating products that best meet market demand.


Among them, TESLACIGS TI, which is popular at home and abroad, has a simple and exquisite appearance and rich and eye-catching color. The simple design of TI looks more like an intellectual youth, adding a subtle and elegant artistic beauty, and a fool-like operation that can be picked up with zero buttons. , It is also suitable for people who use e-cigarettes as a substitute for cigarettes for the first time. There are multiple flavors and multi-color options, and each choice does not disappoint consumers.


Unlike TI’s subtle and elegant minimalist design, the sleek and full Aerolite body is like a passionate and energetic young man. The finely polished zinc alloy body has a blend of texture and color, fashion and style, and the double wire height restores the taste of real smoke , It feels enough to hit the throat, and it has been widely praised once it is launched.

Although it has achieved certain results in the electronic cigarette industry, Tesla TESLACIGS has been advancing on the road of change and innovation. In fact, the development of e-cigarettes is like the first-generation products of 5G communications today. It is a pioneering product of an industry and the era. After years of development, looking back, it may have been integrated into our daily lives. I believe that the same is true for the rapidly developing and innovative e-cigarettes. It is not a product of capital, but should be defined as technological progress brought about by new consumer needs.

At present, TESLACIGS has established production and sales channels in more than 20 countries including China, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. It has established cooperative relationships with more than 10 international e-cigarette exhibitions around the world, and launched more than 100 products. In the future, TESLACIGS will continue to provide consumers with healthy, safe and environmentally friendly e-cigarette products as its mission, and strive to create a better experience for consumers around the world.