TESLACIGS | In the new year, only reviewing the past can make progress in the future

2019-12-31 admin

TESLACIGS | In the new year, only reviewing the past can make progress in the future

The New Year is given the ceremony of renewing everything. In the New Year, we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new life. Standing on the cusp of the New Year, life needs something ritual to light up the present. Today’s ritual is "reviewing the past and learning the new" and "future progress": we have accumulated all the highlights of 2019, only to light up the 2020 brilliant.

TESLACIGS new store opened

We hope to create a unique space belonging to TESLACIGS VAPER. It has both a sense of technology and a sense of fashion, in order to present a minimalist image of quality, so it uses matte black walls, matte gun gray floor tiles, and quartz white. The Nakajima marble booth and the large-area transparent floor-to-ceiling glass wall structure create an exclusive TESLACIGS temperament: extreme, professional, simple, without losing the user experience-centric affinity.

However, it is not only an exhibition hall for display, but also a space where every VAPER can meet, communicate and learn. Therefore, the space has a leisure game area for exclusive communication and a learning area for explaining the appearance and craftsmanship, which is more clear and transparent. The area allows every customer who enters the store to enjoy a rich selection of flavors.


A variety of new products, there is always a "rat" you want

At the beginning of 2019, TESLACIGS carried out a comprehensive brand strategy upgrade to create a variety of trend-adapted pod products. At the beginning of the year, the flagship TESLACIGS TI suit, adhering to the GG "lightweight and portable" design concept, adopts a high-quality cotton core structure and a new vertical airway design. , Let the taste reduction reach the extreme. Fashion appearance design, exquisite and compact, from the cartridge to the host, from the outer packaging design to the aluminum alloy material, every detail of TESLACIGS TI is a perfect interpretation of technology.

A TESLACIGS TI electronic cigarette that integrates high-value, multi-flavor, portability and safety, blowing the "light and portable" wind of small cigarettes to different corners of the world, smokers began to choose a more ideal alternative cigarette In this way, TI’s hot sales gave TESLACIGS Tesla a good start for 2019.

TI创意图 (4).jpg

In October, at IECIE Shanghai Steam Culture Week, TESLACIGS focused on displaying three new products on the market, including P20, First Love 400, and TESLACIGS TI disposable cigarettes.

The newly-launched TESLACIGS TI disposable pouches are very strong at the exhibition site. Even if it is a disposable product, it uses a hand-feeling paint body and a new organic cotton atomization structure. The taste experience is infinitely close to that of a bomb-changing product. The choice of up to ten flavors is full of sincerity.

Ten flavors include the Icy series, the mixed flavor series and the classic series. Among the many choices, you can always find the one you like.


The sea of stars, we are always on the road

2019 is a year of fruitful results. TESLACIGS's global journey is both glorious and hard, but those smiles filled with joy make these efforts so meaningful.

January 2019, Manila Electronic Cigarette Exhibition, Philippines

In April 2019, IECIE Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

 In May 2019, the Birmingham Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

June 2019, Stuttgart Electronic Cigarette Exhibition, Germany

July 2019, Seoul Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

 In August 2019, ECC Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in the United States

September 2019, Indonesia Jakarta Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

October 2019, Paris e-cigarette exhibition, France

 In October 2019, IECIE Shanghai Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

In 2020, TESLACIGS global tour, we look forward to your joining!

There is laughter and tears

Looking back on the entire year of 2019, it was a year of rollercoaster development of the e-cigarette industry. With the help of capital, the e-cigarette industry showed a momentum of rapid development. For a time, "a hundred flowers blossomed", even after being criticized by names at the 315 party. Did not stop the pace of its development.

In April, TESLACIGS Tesla appeared at the Shenzhen IECIE Electronic Cigarette Exhibition. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the organizer awarded a platinum exhibitor medal to TESLACIGS's subsidiary [Shenzhen Zunyipin Technology Co., Ltd.] in recognition of its 5 years of support to IECIE and to electronics Contribution of the tobacco industry.


After gaining great exposure, TESLACIGS ushered in the industry turmoil in 2019. In November, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration jointly issued a document requiring various market entities not to sell e-cigarettes to minors, urging e-commerce The platform closes e-cigarette shops and removes e-cigarette products in time.

Subsequently, TESLACIGS removed all products on the e-commerce platform across the board, and online sales were hit hard. But fortunately, the brand has accumulated for many years, and every step has been taken steadily. In 2019, it still gave consumers a good answer.

In October, at the IECIE Shanghai Exhibition, TESLACIGS used its strength to define the new style of the pod. The brand attitude conveyed by the product infects every experience officer and makes them feel the extraordinary steam culture!

At the exhibition, TESLACIGS Tesla conducted in-depth discussions with customers from all over the world at the exhibition site to learn more about the company's strength and product planning. Many customers reached cooperation intentions on the spot. With the joint efforts of all TESLACIGS colleagues, TESLACIGS presented a feast of fashion, health, and technology for everyone, and won unanimous praise from the organizers and customers.


Say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020. As a worker in the e-cigarette industry, the most concerned thing is the development of the e-cigarette industry in the new year. I hope that in 2020, every e-cigarette practitioner can work harder. Make every product carefully, responsible for consumers and market.

"Reviewing the past" can "promising the future". We have accumulated all the highlights of 2019, just to lighten the glory of TESLACIGS in 2020. I also wish every friend who supports TESLACIGS, like TESLACIGS, in the new year, there is a future to go, and years to look back!