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2. hero-2v1

Portable and lightweight

Small size pocket portable vaping box, fashionable and shining, it is a decorated item for you when you wear it.
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Soft and pure taste

The pod adopts organic cotton coil, each drop of e-juice is fully atomized, it tastes more natural and pure.

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Fast charging long battery life

5V / 500mA upgrade fast charging , 600mAh big capacity battery, satisfy your all day vaping time.
1.6h —— fully charged
48h —— long battery life
250puffs ——enjoy all day

5. hero-2v1

Multiple security protection

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8. hero-2v1

The pod can be refilled

You can choose e-juice flavor independently,
and at the same time say goodbye to the trouble of high cost of using the e-cigarette.

10. hero-2v1


11. tab


1×Packaging box/br>2×Pod
1×USB charging cable
1×User manual